Strategic Website Content

Want a website that compels visitors to become customers?

Create the Pages on Your Website That Make the Difference Between ‘Wow’ and ‘Goodbye’

Dear fellow business owner,

Is your website a lead-generating, high-converting, and engaging place for your visitors to come back to?

Or is it just a site people see, glance at, and leave?

Your business website is the most important asset you own, and often...

It can make or break your visitor’s first experience with you.

If they land on a page and can’t find what they want, or if they don’t like what they see…

…they’ll probably leave and never come back.

On the other hand, if they land on a page and your content engages and draws them in…

 …it can be the start of a beautiful, profitable relationship!


How do you make sure your website is one that people want to explore? 

It comes down to 4 key pages that every business website MUST HAVE.

Each of those critical pages needs to contain the content that your target visitor wants, AND

Your pages need to have a clear goal and specific call to action.


How do you know what content will do the trick?

That’s EXACTLY what we're going to teach you in our brand new course!


IntroducingStrategic Website Content

How to write your key pages for maximum engagement and conversion

In Strategic Website Content, We'll walk you through the 4 critical pages your business website needs, and how to write each one for the highest impact.  

First, you’ll discover the key questions you need to ask to determine the goals for your pages.

You’ll learn the specific components to include on each of the 4 most important pages, and how to make sure they give visitors what they need to stay on your site.

Also, we’ll go through some additional pages that your site will need, once you’ve covered the critical ones.

Finally, you’ll learn the best practices for WRITING your content for maximum results.

Your last step will be to put together an action plan that ensures you’ll put your learning into action right away.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Discover the key pages you need to build an effective website for maximum visitor traffic, interaction, and conversion to customers – along with the most important questions to ask yourself about each page.
  • Identify the most important components to incorporate into a website's Home Page, so that visitors understand your business and want to learn more
  • Draft an About Us page that tells a story about your business and engages the visitor, so that they start to know, like, and trust you
  • Outline a Start Here or Welcome Page that makes a new visitor feel they’re in the right place and encourages them to explore your site
  • Design a Blog page that will help you build your influence and get your website seen by more people
  • Recognize the other web pages you need that are both essential and specific to your business, along with proven tips for what to include on each of those pages
  • Implement best practices for writing content that produces an interactive and compelling website that grows your business
  • Create a personalized action plan for revising your current website pages and adding additional content if necessary. 

We’ve divided up the course into easy, bite-size sections so you won’t get overwhelmed. And, you’ll have no reason to procrastinate!

You’ll also get graphics and tools to help you remember what you’ve learned and to put it all into action.  

For each section, you'll get a Workbook to take notes and complete the activities, along with a Summary Checklist to keep by your side and refer to whenever you need a reminder of the key points from the course.


Want the specifics?

Here are the topics we'll cover in each major section of the course:


Module 1: Introduction: Determining the Key Pages for Your Website

We’ll start by revealing the key pages for your new website, or for modifying your current one. Your number 1 goal will be to better attract and engage your visitors, so you eventually convert them to loyal customers. You’ll be learning exactly what questions to ask yourself in order to make your website content decisions.


Module 2: Create a First-Rate Home Page

Next, you’ll outline a plan for a top-notch website Home Page, using a process that will tell your user who you are, what you offer, and how you will assist them in meeting their goals or answering their questions or problems. You’ll be giving your visitor exactly what they need to know to spark their curiosity and continue to other pages on your site.


Module 3: Design Your Captivating About Us Page

In Module 3, you’ll find out the key components for creating an ‘About’ website page that draws in and engages your visitors, so that you can start to form a rapport with them and build a trusting relationship. This is often the first page that people will go to on your site!


Module 4: Begin with Your Start Here Page

Many people ignore the needs of first-time visitors to their site, so in this module we’ll show you a simple process for creating a Start Here or Welcome page that can give you a big advantage over your competitors. Your page will show first-time visitors that they’re in the right place, organize your site for them, and help them find the most important information that meets their needs.  


Module 5: Create a Magnetic Blog That Keeps Readers Coming Back

Blogs are a terrific way to build your reputation as an influencer, improve your search engine results, and gather leads who you can convert to customers. In Module 5, you’ll outline a plan for a Blog page (or section of your site) that invites visitors to read more, expands your authority, and brings in more site traffic.


Module 6: Additional Critical Website Pages to Include

While we’ve covered the 4 most important website pages by this point, there are other critical pages to include too. In this module, you’ll discover the ones that every high-converting website needs for meeting customer demands and business goals, as well as pages that are specific to different types of businesses.  


Module 7: Best Practices to Consider When Writing Your Website Content

By this point, you’ve learned all about the most important website pages and what to include on each. In Module 7, you’ll learn some proven best practices for actually writing the page content, so that it’s compelling AND user-friendly. These are simple guidelines that anyone can follow, even if you’re not a professional writer.  


Conclusion: Create Your Action Plan

In the concluding module, you’ll spend time putting it all together. You’ll identify your next steps for creating or revising your website so that it attracts and engages visitors while strengthening customer relationships. And, you’ll put create an action plan and deadlines for getting it done.


When you have a website that welcomes visitors, engages their interest, and gives them what they’re looking for…

All of your marketing will see drastically higher results.

Don’t wait to start building a website that converts!

Implementing even a few of the guidelines in my course will make a huge difference in how your visitors react to your site.

And as you implement more and more of what you learn…  

You’ll see your website traffic quickly climb, your relationships with readers grow exponentially, and your customer conversions skyrocket.

Ready to start creating a business website that will push you faster towards your goals?



Scott Carchedi